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New method for publishing xlog

Based on @Hyoban's Github project-vscode-xlog plugin, I have implemented the process of editing xlog locally and publishing it remotely.
By using this plugin, we can achieve self-documentation and can submit it to GitHub for backup, even publish on GitHub Pages.


  • The plugin can download posts from xlog and upload them back to xlog. The file structure does not affect the use of Git, theoretically can be used with any version control system.
  • Expecting the plugin to automatically sync, rather than relying on manual updates by right-clicking.

Usage Analysis#

Using with Github:#

  • Can push data to GitHub. Purpose: Backup
  • Can pull data from GitHub. Purpose: Backup and restore
    • The confusing point for me is here: If I change systems/computers, should I download data from GitHub or xlog?
      • After some thought, I realized: If xlog hasn't crashed, then download from xlog, after all, data that was updated before the GitHub backup may require xlog's data, directly restoring from GitHub may cause some data to rollback incorrectly.

About the plugin#

  • Can
    • Use the plugin to download posts from xlog,
    • Create and update posts locally.
  • ❓Not sure if custom publishing time can override xlog data.
  • There are no templates for posts, you have to copy them yourself.
  • There is no tool for automatically updating GitHub, such as achieving a linkage between updating xlog and pushing to GitHub.
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